What Hand Does a Wedding Ring Start on?

18 Settembre 2022

The question of what hand will do a wedding ring carry on can be a confusing one, particularly when you’re comparing distinct traditions all over the world. But is an important topic to understand for your own peace of mind – and know that this doesn’t necessarily indicate one way or the other.

The Arena Finger

The ring ring finger is the finally finger of your left hand, up coming to the pinky. Traditionally, the engagement ring is usually worn with this finger, yet it’s not always the case.

In certain cultures, the gemstone is donned on the right hand, to avoid confusion with the wedding ring. This is especially true in Orthodox countries throughout Eastern The european union, including Bulgaria and Greece.

During the service, ladies who are using both bands (like a bridal set) usually put on the gemstone on top and the wedding band on the bottom. This kind of traditions is often performed for sensible reasons, but it isn’t really necessary.

Same-Sex Wedding ceremonies

When same-sex matrimony became legal https://elitemailorderbrides.com/german-women in the us, many couples chose to exchange rings on the left hand side hand, to represent their commitment to each other. This is not a conventional practice in all nationalities, but it is very becoming more common in the LGBTQ+ community.


Left Hand, Engagement Jewelry on Top — In the United States and many other American countries, the engagement and wedding bands are worn on the left hands, so that the engagement ring is at the top and the a wedding ring is closest to the heart. This is a popular choice designed for both men and women, which is thought https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love to symbolize the promise of true love.